The world is changing and so does everything in it. Due to environmental degradation, there is pressure to reduce carbon fumes emitted to the environment from vehicles and manufacturing processes. Among other efforts, engineers are structuring sustainable homes and creating alternatives to petrol and diesel vehicles. This post highlights the 7 best electric cars available… (0 comment)

10 Ways to Power your Home with Renewable Energy
Most people are always looking for ways to make an extra buck and if not, ways to save an extra buck. One of the most common ways doing this is by reducing your power bill by making use of renewable energy sources. This also goes a long way towards conserving the planet’s resources and reducing… (0 comment)

is mPower the new standard in solar power?
The quest for renewable energy continues throughout the world bringing new innovations each day. Today there are portable solar-powered, wind-powered and water-powered generators that seem to become smaller, more portable and more powerful by the day. Most solar-powered generators, however, contain several elements that are connected to give the desired output. These include batteries, inverters… (0 comment)

Rayton Solar Investment Review
You probably heard about Rayton Solar from Bill Nye the Science Guy, or some catchy social media ads. The company is currently selling shares, and a lot of Americans are wondering whether Rayton Solar is a good investment. In this brief but fact-backed Rayton Solar investment review, we’re going to bring you up to speed… (0 comment)

Solar Electrician- What is Your Plan for Long-term Care?
Many solar installers are members of the NECA and look to the organization for direction and benefits like insurance, discounts, and more.  One missing piece of the insurance puzzle not covered by NECA or other group benefits is insurance for assisted living, nursing homes, and home care commonly referred to as “long term care insurance”… (0 comment)

10 Reasons You Should Go Solar
There are countless reasons why you should stop paying for electricity and go green, but here is a list of the 10 best reasons. Whether your reasoning for going solar is economic, environmental, or personal, this list will have someone that will interest everyone. 1. Drastically reduce or even eliminate your electric bills It doesn’t… (0 comment)

Smog Affects the Efficiency of Solar Energy Production
According to a new study, air pollution may be limiting the efficiency of solar energy production. Researchers from Duke, the Indian Institute of Technology at Gandhinagar, and the University of Wisconsin at Madison were investigating the hypothesis and came back with evidence supporting the claim. Their findings were published last month in the Environmental Science… (0 comment)

Generate Drinking Water From the Air
A company called Zero Mass Water has created new solar-like panels that create clean, drinkable water from the air that you can now install on the roof of your home or office. Instead of normal solar panels capturing the sunlight, these source panels pull the water vapor out of the air and transform it to… (0 comment)

Amazon Buys Whole Foods
Last week, Amazon purchased Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion. Amazon is looking to make the shopping at Whole Foods more obtainable for the lower and middle income consumers as well as make their shopping experience as painless and enjoyable as possible. One major concern from this deal is the loss of jobs at Whole Foods.… (0 comment)