About Us

Solar Electrician is a nationwide network of independent green energy enthusiasts, solar energy installation professionals, and advocates who are committed to increasing awareness and boosting public domain information on the benefits of solar energy.

At a time when global warming is poised to become an existential threat to our planet, we appreciate the need to promote green energy initiatives, be they solar, wind, geothermal or biopower. One of our key goals is to trigger action that’ll help make this country’s environment safer.

To increase awareness and meet our goals, we publish the following types of contents:

  • Trends and predictions on solar energy
  • Highlights of green energy promoting products
  • Highlights of innovative solar energy products such as portable solar panels

The Future of Solar Energy

A few years ago, solar was very expensive. Only a small percentage of Americans could afford to purchase and install solar panels. Today, though, not only are solar panels inexpensive, there are innovative to store solar energy generated during the day for use at night. Diminishing costs of panels and other installations has made this form of clean energy available to more people not only in this country but around the world. Manufacturers have also come up with thoughtful products such as solar-powered automotive and solar-powered cell phone chargers that can be used conveniently in everyday scenarios.

With solar and other green energy sources, America’s future is bright. We are glad to be one of the main organizations that are fostering a green energy future for our nation!