Amazon Buys Whole Foods

Amazon Buys Whole Foods
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Last week, Amazon purchased Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion. Amazon is looking to make the shopping at Whole Foods more obtainable for the lower and middle income consumers as well as make their shopping experience as painless and enjoyable as possible.

One major concern from this deal is the loss of jobs at Whole Foods. Amazon claims they do not plan on cutting jobs, but many people think otherwise. It has been said that the company is going to replace the cashier jobs at Whole Foods with sensor technology that is being experimented on at the Amazon Go concept store in Seattle. They are going to be using technology to minimize labour. An inside source told The New York Times that the machine-automated supermarkets could operate with only three employees.

Amazon has been dabbling with traditional stores for a few years already, such as the “Amazon Fresh” and “Amazon Go.” The main goal for these stores was to make grocery shopping as efficient and convenient as possible for the customers.

Four years ago, Amazon introduced the “Amazon Go” application. This app allows shoppers to roam the isles and leave right when you are finished. You don’t have to go through the slow and painful human-operated lines. This store does not have cashiers because you just pay on your phone.


Amazon is also trying to make up for loss time in the Solar area as well. The company is going to install large solar energy panels on the rooftops of many of its global fulfillment and sorting facilities. They are planning on installing the 15 systems in the U.S. by the end of 2017 and would like to have 50 systems by 2020.

The 15 systems are estimated to project around 41 megawatts. One facility’s solar system could power around 80% of its energy needs each year. Of course this all depends on how much sun exposure each system is receiving as well as what operations the facility manages. The company said they are very committed to the project, which will eventually generate 2.6 million MW of energy from renewable energy.

Amazon has been taking many huge steps to keep up with large grocery stores like Walmart. They are hoping this will be a more convenient and cheaper way of receiving products and healthy food. They are also going to be saving a lot of money if they do go though with their plan to instal the solar panels.

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