Generate Drinking Water From the Air

Generate Drinking Water From the Air
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A company called Zero Mass Water has created new solar-like panels that create clean, drinkable water from the air that you can now install on the roof of your home or office.

Instead of normal solar panels capturing the sunlight, these source panels pull the water vapor out of the air and transform it to clean drinkable water. According to Zero Mass Water CEO, Cosy Friesen, “there is more water in the air than all the fresh water in the planet.”

These special panels have been installed in seven different countries ranging from the Arabian Desert to the Equatorial Jungle.

The source panels are self-contained, which means the panels are made with everything they need to generate water inside of them already. The panels are powered by the device, which is a special membrane inside that absorbs water molecules. The water also has some minerals added to it for taste before it is stored in the on board reservoirs.

Friesen claims that the process these panels go through is very similar to the ocean, sun, and rain cycle.

The source panels cost around $2,900, which does not include installation costs. The panels are expected to last around 10 years and produce 10 of their small water bottles everyday. There is one simple water line that carries the drinking water inside the building or straight into your kitchen.

According to Rich Demuro, the water produced by these source panels is very clean, refreshing, and not flat at all.

Although the price is very expensive, it was said that they practically pay for themselves in around 4 years if you are a regular water-bottle buyer.

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