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is mPower the new standard in solar power?

is mPower the new standard in solar power?
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The quest for renewable energy continues throughout the world bringing new innovations each day. Today there are portable solar-powered, wind-powered and water-powered generators that seem to become smaller, more portable and more powerful by the day. Most solar-powered generators, however, contain several elements that are connected to give the desired output. These include batteries, inverters and input systems, most times all separate parts.

Introducing mPower

The mPower is a portable solar power generator that has all these elements built into a single ultra-portable product that is perhaps the best solution out there for off-grid power solutions or for emergency backup.

A strong polypropylene case holds the generator’s battery, solar panels, inverters and outlets in a single panel. The product comes in three different configurations which mainly vary by size and power output. These are the M6, M12, and M24. The former has a 300Wh lithium-ion battery, followed by the M12 WITH A 600Wh pack and the boggiest of them all is the M24 with its 1200Wh. The three have panels rated at 50, 100 and 200 watts respectively. The M12 and the M24 have 120-volt outlets for use with standard household equipment and large devices.

The company has also included innovative bits to the product such as a functional battery management system. This ensures that the product is shielded from conditions that could lead to overcharging and from overcharging itself. The product is designed to be fully charged in a single sunny day and all components are manufactured with this in mind. This eliminates the risk of spoiling your device by overcharging it.  The system is supplemented by an application that gives you estimates on remaining charge times and conditions. It also allows users to set the panel in the best way to harness optimum power. Most specs and details about the product are still relatively scarce as provided by the company’s marketing material.

Getting your mPower

The mPower is currently in a funding campaign on Indiegogo and provides all backers with one of the first M12 models once it starts shipping at a $500 discount. Those who back the M12 at the full $1790 price can reserve the M24 at a $750 discount. The company will also help society from the product sales by donating an M6 unit to electricity-less families for each M12 or M24 sold to the product backers. Quite a nice touch I would say.

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