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Top 10 Portable Solar Panels for 2017

Top 10 Portable Solar Panels for 2017
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This post is a guide into the 10 best portable solar panels for 2017. Check out our feature based review and gain insights into the best solar chargers available in the market this year.

Solar panels are getting better by day. We now have homes that are 100% solar powered. But as the market penetration of mobile devices and other digital gadgets hits a new high, people are looking for new, innovative ways to keep their batteries juiced at lower costs. This has motivated manufacturers to create portable solar panels that can be used to charge smartphones, tablets, and other personal electronics on the go.

There are hundreds of portable solar charger panels available in the market. And while most of these have different brand names, they somewhat look identical. This makes identifying the best one a daunting task for shoppers. In this article, we review portable solar phone chargers and highlight the very best ones.

Sunny hot summer is here, and this is not the time to get stranded in the bush with a dead cell phone battery!

Based on product quality, energy capacity, and reliability, here are our 10 best solar chargers for cell phones in 2017.

Best Pocket-Sized: POWERADD APOLLO 2

PowerAdd Apollo 2

Looking for a pocket-sized portable solar panel to keep your digital devices juiced whether you’re camping in the bush or just hanging out at the beach? Then the Poweradd Apollo 2 is your best bet. This portable solar charger is shaped like a bulkier iPhone 6 battery case so no one will know that you’re flaunting a solar panel.

It isn’t that large (which means there’s not much sunlight hitting its cells), but it all the same has a whopping 10,000 mAh limit. That’s enough to give you between 3 – 5 full charges regardless of the smartphone you’re using. This portable charger also dumps its load quite quick, charging your smartphone via a 5V USB interface. You can simply keep your device charging from the sweet hot sun while you’re onto something outdoors.

Perhaps the only con with this charger is that it has a confusing LED display.  Buy it now by clicking here.

Best Lightweight & Durable: ALLPOWERS

AllPowers Portable Solar Charger

Allpowers is another excellent choice for folks who are looking for a lightweight portable solar charger. It looks pretty big while spread out, but has holes that make it possible for users to attach it to backpacks, branches, or any other expansive surfaces. You can even suspend it if you want, just as long as it’s receiving some sunlight. The charger is quite flexible and is capable of dissipating 16 Watts at 2 amps as long as it’s placed in DIRECT sunlight.

This portable solar panel is also quite durable and can give your smartphone, tablet or any other device much-needed juice for years on end. Buy it now by clicking here.

Best High Efficiency: INSTAPARK MERCURY 27

If all you want is a portable solar panel that can inject some quick charge into your personal hardware, this is the way to go! When it’s folded up, the Instapark Mercury is no bigger than a tablet.

It’s 3 solar panels net a lot of sunlight, releasing some quick juice at 10 Watts and via 2 USB ports. You can charge your iPhone, Android smartphone or whatever other device on-the-go at 2 Amps output. Even better, the Instapark ships with a separate 3000 mAh battery pack that complements its lack of an internal battery like the battery packs above. Buy it now by clicking here.


Say you want high efficiency and I’ll give you the X-DRAGON 20W solar panel charger. This solar-based battery charger adjusts the voltage and current to provide maximum juice for your Android smartphones, Samsung devices, iPods, iPhones, iPads and other devices. The X-Dragon delivers a 22-25% efficiency, while most other panels will only hit a 15% efficiency.

3A output from the USB charging port means some quick juicing action for your devices.

You can dual charge your smartphone and iPad at the same time via the USB ports. For its size and weight, the X-Dragon delivers significantly more charge than other solar panels. Buy it now by clicking here.

Intelligent Solar Charger: ANKER DUAL-PORT SOLAR CHARGER 21W


When shopping for an external solar charger, you have to consider whether it’ll recognize your device. But not with the Anker Dual-Port. This portable battery charger has an inbuilt, hyper-intelligent PowerIQ system that automatically determines which output gives your device enough juice. This minimizes any risks of overcharging and definitely reduces the charge time. The 4 solar panels on this accessory combine to deliver some 15 Watts worth of power, delivered at 2.1 amps when laid in direct sunlight. The polyester canvas will protect the interior solar panels from bad weather and rough handling.

There are 2 USB ports for charging your device, and it also ships with a 3ft Micro USB cable.

The only conceivable con with this charger is that it has no battery backup, which means it actually has to be exposed to the sun for it to be useful. Buy it now by clicking here.

Best for Outdoor Buffs: SUNFERNO FLINTSTONE

If you’re into camping, hiking, fishing, hunting or just adventuring, you seriously should consider the Sunferno Flintstone. This portable solar battery pack is waterproof, dustproof, and ready to mingle with elements of the outdoor world. You could find the Sunferno useful in many different situations where you need to recharge your personal devices.

This charger ships with an effective 5000 mAh backup battery, which delivers enough juice to charge your smartphone several times over. It has a new 2.0 smart charging tech that charges your devices at amazing speeds. The battery pack is very durable and can be recharged 1000s of times over before there’s need to retire it.

So long as you need some way to charge your camera, GPS devices, tablets, iPads, or other accessories while out there, the Sunferno could come in handy. Buy it now by clicking here.


The Enerplex Kickr II is one rigid piece of work! You can bend it around your hiking backpacks, drop it to the ground, give it a football-style kick or use it as your yoga mat. The Kickr II just won’t break and leave you stranded near the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, with no access to the outside world.

As if being super-rigid was not enough, Kickr II also features patented CIGS technology, offering a great density-to-weight ratio. Thus, it weighs only a pound and produces 3 watts of solar energy delivered via a USB interface or 30-pin connector for Apple devices.

The Kickr II also comes across the board as weather resistant. However, it dissipates just 0.6 amps worth of juice at any one time, which could be a little too slow for some of us. Buy it now by clicking here.

Best Compact: GOAL ZERO 11800 NOMAD

Nobody wants to struggle with windshield sun blocker-sized portable panels while packing stuff in their backpacking bag. The Goal Zero 11800 Nomad comes across the board as a compact charger that’s packaged in a self-contained, water-resistant notebook casing.

It weighs just a pound and releases 7 watts worth of solar energy, so the output isn’t at the top of the chart. There’s a USB port that works with your USB-connector devices. However, you could also use the cigarette lighter to plug in non-USB-compatible devices, and 12V accessories.

You can charge your cell phone in about 2 hours. That notwithstanding, the Nomad isn’t ideal for charging larger devices. Buy it now by clicking here.


This is a powerful, large solar panel that for some people might defy the definition of portable. The PowerAdd 40W foldable is not something you’ll stuff in your backpack like most of the other portable solar chargers, but it can be loaded up with your basecamp gear.

There’s a 5V charging port for all your typical USB gadgets, as well as an 18V 2+ amps DC power station for bigger devices.

This solar charger scores very well when it comes to safety. It’s designed to keep your device safe so you won’t be getting a fried motherboard charging your iPad from this panel. Buy it now by clicking here.


If you are more of an aesthetics minded person and will seriously not drag a fishing-net looking solar panel with you, the RavPower 15W might be a great choice.

The Ravpower 15W features a fantastic design in a polished black jacket. You can charge your two devices fast via the dual USB ports, one of which dissipates 2A (fast charging) and the other 1A (slow charging). RAVPower uses what it calls ‘iSmart Technology’ to tune the maximum charging current to the needs of your device.

You’re most definitely going to get some quick charge with your smartphones, GPS units, Digital cameras and other devices using the RAVPower portable.


One of the best things about solar panels is that they are simple to use. For maintenance, use a damp cloth to make sure that the solar panel is clean and free of dust. You should also angle your panels in such a way that they are receiving maximum direct sunlight.

Let us know what your favorite portable solar panel charger is! Buy it now by clicking here.

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