Meet Smartflower: the flower-shaped solar panel that follows the sun

Meet Smartflower: the flower-shaped solar panel that follows the sun
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Solar energy has come a long way to make fastest growing source of renewable energy in the world. Solar power is 90% cheaper today than it was 20 years ago. We now have thin-film solar panels in place of the bulky, dark, gridded rectangles that dotted roofs in the recent past. Tesla, the electric car auto-maker, has launched their innovative rooftop tiles that can be used for sheltering and to provide solar power for homes in the United States. Sistine Solar, an MIT-born startup, has created camouflage solar panels that can be customized to match virtual any shingled rooftop. And now we have Smartflower, a flower-shaped solar system that re-adjusts and follows the sun all day to maximize solar power production.

Product of Austria

A product of Austria, Smartflower’s new kinetic system can produce 40% more energy compared to traditional solar panels. The entire system is designed to provide homes, businesses, and institutions with plug-and-play green energy that they can count on any time of the day. Based on the working of a sunflower (following the sun), the new Smartflower solar power system is an adjustable, portable petal-shaped system that follows the sun’s path throughout the day.

Autonomous Operation

Smartflower will automatically unfold as the sun rises in the morning, and sleeps by folding at night, or when strong winds make operation unsafe. The panel maximizes production of solar power all day long by repositioning itself to be in the path of maximum sunlight exposure.

GPS-based Tracking Technology

Creating an automatically repositioning solar panel system is no minor feat of innovation, and many are bound to question the technology behind this. Smartflower uses a GPS-based dual-axis tracking to re-align for maximum exposure. It also contains a cleaning and cooling system that wipes the back of every solar panel whenever the system folds or unfolds.

Energy Storage

The Smartflower is an all-in-one kinetic system that contains an inverter, a monitor, and batteries. This means that solar energy can be installed, assembled and delivered within just a couple of hours. The Smartlfower solar energy system is built in such a way that it may be installed in just about any open space, and power can be drawn by simply plugging in.

Available in the Market

The base Smartflower system is a photovoltaic plug-n-play system designed for residual use. It comes in 8 different colors to meet varying aesthetic preferences and is compatible with electric vehicles, thanks to its easy integration with EV charging station. The Smartflower Plus is an advanced and larger system that features internal battery storage for extra convenience.  Smartflower made the first U.S delivery in April this year, but over a thousand units are installed in Europe so far.

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