Why solar is shaping a stronger energy future

Why solar is shaping a stronger energy future
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Solar is a smart, environmentally-friendly way to generate the electricity that we need to use in our homes and business premises every day. The growth of solar energy power generation is slowly turned the existing centralized model upside down. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, green energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower and biopower have potential to provide up to 80% of America’s total energy consumption by 2050. This comes at a time when local, state and federal activities are giving incentives to firms that invest in the solar and wind energy space.

In this post, we look at 4 ways in which solar is helping forge a much stronger energy future for the country.

1.      Reduced use of fossil fuels

Solar Energy Environmental Benefits
Environmental Impact of Solar Energy

By relying on solar energy and other renewable energies such as wind and geothermal, we can reduce the use of fossil fuels. When burned, fossil fuels release CO2 into the atmosphere, increasing global warming. Reliance on solar energy facilitates a cleaner environment that’s good for our health.

2.      Solar and electric vehicles

Solar and electric vehicles
Solar & Electric Vehicles a Reality

The switch to solar-powered vehicles has been a widely-shared dream in the clean energy space. Diesel and petrol powered automotive release emissions that lead to respiratory issues and make our cities and streets less safe. Already, researchers are coming up with solar-powered vehicle hybrids. There’s also a number of companies that are already selling electricity powered vehicles.

There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to solar and electric vehicles. Tesla, the world’s number one maker of electric vehicles, recently acquired SolarCity, a major manufacturer of solar panels. It is feasible that in the near future, Tesla will fit its vehicles with solar panels that connect directly to a powerful battery. Electricity generated by the solar panel can be stored in the high-capacity battery for later use.

3.      Solar powered homes day and night

One of the common problems facing the adoption of solar panels is storage. However, you can now add battery storage so that you can use your solar power during night-time hours.

Solar Energy Day and Night
Solar Energy Day and Night

Recently, Tesla launched PowerWall, a new powerful battery that can store surplus energy generated by your solar panels for use at night. This battery easily integrates with solar panels and can be ordered online right from the comfort of your home. The battery is a great way to protect your electrical appliances from outages and keep your home powered whether or not there’s power coming from the grid.

You can even disconnect from the grid if you like and use your stored solar-generated energy to reduce your electricity bills.

4.      Solar is improving power affordability

In most states, installing solar panels in your home can help you save over $100 each month. Over 20 years, which is less than the lifetime of a typical solar panel, your total savings could amount to over $30,000.

Solar Energy Affordability

Solar energy is making electricity cheaper not only for Americans but people around the globe. As more companies produce this form of energy, it’ll be connected to the grid and eventually depress power costs for everyone.

Solar is one step in the right direction!

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