Smog Affects the Efficiency of Solar Energy Production
According to a new study, air pollution may be limiting the efficiency of solar energy production. Researchers from Duke, the Indian Institute of Technology at Gandhinagar, and the University of Wisconsin at Madison were investigating the hypothesis and came back with evidence supporting the claim. Their findings were published last month in the Environmental Science… (0 comment)

Generate Drinking Water From the Air
A company called Zero Mass Water has created new solar-like panels that create clean, drinkable water from the air that you can now install on the roof of your home or office. Instead of normal solar panels capturing the sunlight, these source panels pull the water vapor out of the air and transform it to… (0 comment)

Possible Competition for Tesla’s Solar Roof
Tesla began taking orders yesterday for their new Solar Roof. Meanwhile, scientists in Australia believe they might have found a much cheaper solution for mass production at a larger scale: 2-D printed solar panels. How are they made? These panels are printed on a strong and flexible plastic film that has a thickness of less than 0.1… (0 comment)