Tesla’s Solar Tiles Could Save You Thousands

Tesla’s Solar Tiles Could Save You Thousands
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Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced in October of 2016 their new line of solar panels. As of today, Tesla is now accepting preorders for the new tiles. A calculator was also released on Tesla’s website to tell you how much your solar roof will cost. These solar panels provide the same appearance as regular roof tiles with the added bonus of generating electricity.

The prices generated from Tesla’s Solar Roof Calculator include active and passive roofing panels. Not every part of your roof receives the same amount of sunlight. For those parts, Tesla created passive Solar Roof tiles. These tiles have the same appearance as the active roof tiles, but without the photovoltaic cells incorporated in them. Elon Musk said the active roof tiles will cost $42 each and the non-active tiles will cost $11 each.

How to calculate the cost for your home

Tesla’s Online Calculator allows you to type in your home address and it tells you how much it would cost to install the solar panels for your own home. This price includes the value of energy, the cost of the roof based on the square footage of your house, the cost of the Powerwall batteries, and a tax credit you will receive. The value of energy is the amount of energy your solar roof is expected to produce over 30 years based on the average price of electricity in your area.

According to Tesla’s calculator, a house with a 8,108 square foot roof, with max solar coverage, will have a net cost for over 30 years of $20,800, but can generate $174,400 of energy.

How a solar roof will save you money

Although there are cons to this solar roof, the costly price, there are also many pros. If you live in states with higher electricity prices such as Hawaii, New York, California, or Connecticut the solar roof could save you thousands on electricity bills. These states’s electricity prices are three times the national average. If you live in Hawaii, the average person is spending $334 a month on electricity, which totals up to more than $4,000 a year. Rather than spending $4,000 a year, it would be much more cost effective to invest in Tesla’s Solar Roof.

Styles and Warranties

The company has created many different styles of the Solar Roof tiles, as of today, Tesla is accepting preorders for the smooth and textured styles. However, the slate and Tuscan styles will become available in 2018.

These solar tiles also come with an infinite tile warranty. They are made with tempered glass and are more then 3 times stronger than standard roofing tiles. Tesla’s hail test video provides proof that these tiles are durable up to the highest hail rating. The solar tiles also come with a warranty for power and weatherization, which is 30 years following installation.

How to purchase

These Solar Roofs are a very efficient alternative to electricity and standard roofing tiles. If you are interested in purchasing a solar roof, go to https://www.tesla.com/solarroof to preorder before they sellout.

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