Xoom Solar

Save Your Money with XOOM Solar

With XOOM Solar, there are so many different options for cost savings and flexible payment plans, which is why all of their customers love XOOM. This company’s focus is bringing renewable energy to the planet, but at a much more affordable rate. Every single contract and purchase option comes with many different saving opportunities and convenient payment plans. All you have to do is buy, finance, lease, or sign a PPA for your system and they’ll do all of the rest for you.

Why Should You Choose XOOM Solar?

In 2015, XOOM Solar was awarded the top prize on the Inc. 500 list, which is a ranking of the fastest growing private companies. The growth of the company keeps getting higher and higher along with great quality products, you can trust XOOM to help you save hundreds or even thousands on your utility bill, reduce your carbon footprint, as well as take a giant step towards more sustainable living. If you would like your own system right out of the door or if you would rather test it out in a lease then there are options for you.

Key Features:

  • Solar PPAs
  • Lease or Own
  • Financing


Where Can You Purchase XOOM Solar’s Panels?

Unfortunately, XOOM Solar does not offer purchase of their solar panels in every state, but if you are lucky enough to live in one of these 9 states, pick up the phone and get a free quote now!

  1. Arizona
  2. California
  3. Connecticut
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Maryland
  6. New Jersey
  7. New York
  8. Oregon
  9. Washington D.C.


How Does XOOM Solar Work?

All of XOOM Solar Sources products are sourced from third party solar companies. It offers you low prices that you will be able to afford. The best parts is that you can decide how you pay for your solar! You can either use Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), leases, and financing with as little as no down payment. If you decide to buy the system, it will cost you more upfront but you can get up to 30% of that back in tax credits. If you decide to use XOOM solar, you will have a free consultation to make sure your house will work well with the solar panels. Then the company will design a system for your house, coordinate installation, and then monitor your system for efficiency.

XOOM Pricing Options

You can choose from a PPA, lease, finance option or buyout from XOOM Solar.



PPAs are one of the most budget friendly ways to attain solar panels for your home. You have to pay for the installation and for the energy generated by the system, but the third party company owns the solar unit. This means there will be very little to no upfront costs. You also receive free maintenance and monitoring for the entire PPA term agreement.


These are considered to be very similar to PPAs, but there are a few differences. PPAs charge you for the amount of energy generated by your solar unit, but with a lease you pay a set amount of ‘rent’ a month to rent the device. If you lease the system, you also have the opportunity to purchase it at the end of your contract. The best part is that you still get the same great maintenance and monitoring in your payments.

Leasing and PPAs are great ways to get clean renewable energy without spending a lot of money, but you won’t get tax breaks because all of the rebates go back to XOOM.


If you want to purchase equipment from XOOM solar, but you don’t want to pay a huge down payment then this is the perfect option for you. With financing you still get the great benefit of fixed monthly payments. The only downside to this great payment option is that you have to manage the system yourself instead of XOOM monitoring it for you. Fortunately, the systems are very durable and very rarely require maintenance. Another bonus is that you still have 25-year equipment and 10-year workmanship warranties.


If you are set on buying the XOOM Solar System, you can also do that. Unfortunately, this option requires you to pay the full amount upfront, but it opens the doors for huge tax breaks to come in. You can get up to a 30% federal tax credit when you buy a system as well as state rebates as well. It may be a decent amount to pay all at once, but at least you won’t have to worry about monthly payments. Monitoring and maintenance will be up to you, but you will still have the 25-year warranty on equipment and a 10-year warranty on workmanship, so you don’t need to worry.

XOOM Solar Warranties

All of the products sold by XOOM are very durable and dependable, which means you probably won’t need it to be serviced for a long time, if at all. If you end up running into some issues, there’s no need to worry! All of the PPA and Leasing contracts come with free maintenance and monitoring throughout the whole term. If you bought or financed your system, you receive a 25-year warranty on equipment and a 10-year warranty on workmanship.

How Is XOOM Solar Different from Every Other Solar Company?


Purchase, Finance, Lease, or PPA

Not many solar companies offer this many different payment options. With XOOM, you are in charge of which way you want to spend your money.


Every payment option comes with some form of coverage. Whether you buy, lease, or finance, you do not need to worry about something bad happening and not being able to fix it yourself. That is what our trained professionals are for.

Tax Incentives

If you buy your solar system, you can receive up to 30% in tax credits. This helps pay for the system right out of the gate. You can also get refunds from your state and utility companies for producing more energy than you are using.